Nencki Genomics Portal

Nencki Genomics PortalNencki Genomics Portal (NGP) is a group of functionally related network tools (webservices) and databases, for analysis of transcriptional regulation.

Functionality of the portal is accessible from the web browser, through our Galaxy server. Activities available through the portal are grouped into 4 inter-related groups:

  1. analysis of genomes;
  2. analysis of expression;
  3. analysis of regulation;
  4. analysis of function.

Within each group, multiple activities are available, e.g. for the analysis of expression, at present it is possible to perform: annotation and transformation of microarray data, identification of differentially expressed genes, cluster analysis, visualization of gene expression. Activities within the portal are closely integrated, so that the result of one activity can be used as input data for a subsequent activity. At every stage, the results can be saved in the database layer for future use.

The analysis layer is implemented as SOAP/WSDL webservices, integrated as workflows, operating on our Taverna server. This permits easy addition of further activities, based on external webservices, as well as integration of our webservices into external data analysis workflows.

The data layer of the portal consists of two databases: Nencki Genomics Database (separately described), and Nencki Expression Database – storing gene expression data provided by the users and the results of the analyses performed by the users. Data management and user accounts are common for the two databases.